Empowering Organizations through IT: Driving Economic Success and Sustainability

Assistant Professor IT-Management

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hein

Assistant Professor IT-Management

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hein

We explore how organizations can use and manage new technologies to not only be more economically successful, but also more ecologically sustainable and socially just.

At the heart of our work are:

  • Organizational forms enabled by technology, including platform ecosystems,
  • The transformation of leadership behavior through digital innovations,
  • The reshaping of business models through disruptive technologies.

Our goal is to support organizations in not just experiencing the change induced by technology, but actively shaping it to generate a positive impact.

What we offer

Research collaborations

Please feel free to contact us in accordance with our motto "from insight to impact" for potential research collaborations. Our services include accompanying research, proof-of-concepts, and consulting services.

For students

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our courses or if you are looking for thesis topics. Our topics range from digital platform ecosystems and leadership behavior to IT management and digital business models.

Andreas Hein

Prof. Dr.

Assistant Professor of IT Management

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