At the University of St.Gallen (HSG), we actively promote the exchange between basic research and applied research. Our goal is to create sustainable benefits and lasting values for organizations through this exchange. To achieve this, we offer a variety of collaboration opportunities. These include our Competence Centers, research and practice projects (Research-Practice Ventures), as well as individual project collaborations with companies.

We offer you various cooperation opportunities: In our Competence Centers, companies come together to work on common thematic areas. Here, you benefit from our scientific expertise and consultancy. If your company is facing a specific challenge, we develop customized solutions for you within the framework of a bilateral project. Additionally, there is the opportunity for our students to engage with your specific issues in research and practice projects that we offer each semester. Interested? We look forward to hearing from you and collaborating with you!

CC (Competence Center)

In our Competence Centers, we offer you a unique blend of exchange, collaboration, academic expertise, and consultancy.


In our Competence Center for Agile Transformation, we offer a unique blend of exchange, collaboration, academic expertise, and consultancy services, thus supporting companies in transitioning to an Agile Organization.

Cognitive Automation


The Competence Center for Cognitive Automation enables your organization to harness the potential of cognitive automation, thereby improving operational efficiency and effectiveness, and using cognitive technologies as a strategic differentiator for your organization.


The Competence Center for Crowdsourcing provides support in the transition to digital work organization. We assist companies in tapping into the knowledge, creativity, and labor of a large pool of participants in a new way.

RPV (Research‑ und Practice‑Ventures)

Every semester, our chair realizes several research and practice ventures. In these projects, our students tackle practice-relevant questions posed by renowned business partners. They follow the St. Gallen Lean Startup process to develop customer-centered solutions for specific challenges. Throughout the different phases of the process, students employ various scientific methods, deepening their understanding of the application of theory and practice. Additionally, these projects provide comprehensive in-depth knowledge in the development of digital business solutions.

Bilateral Projects

Whether it's an agile proof-of-concept or the scientific support for a large-scale project, we are here to assist you in bilateral projects. Together, we develop solutions that are scientifically grounded and based on the latest research findings. In doing so, we rely on agile project methodologies to work with you to develop tailored and practical solutions.