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Management in the Digital Economy

In this course, we are going to look at how organizations adapt to the challenges of an increasingly digital economy and how they undergo digital transformation in order to survive and thrive in this environment. The course can be considered a "101" introductory class which covers a broad range of topics and phenomena related to digitalization including economic principles of the digital world, digital business models, user-centered design, digital products & services, marketing & analytics, agile principles & practices, and digital startup management (see the list below for more detail). Its intent is to give students an overview of the field rather than an in depth understanding of any topic in particular (you will find advanced courses on many of our topics in other offerings of the HSG portfolio). With each topic, we will introduce a job profile that is associated with it such as the roles of business developers, UX designers, chief digital officers, social media specialists, product managers, scrum masters, and more. Some sessions will be taught by co-teachers from practice and the lectures will be supplemented by case studies, practical exercises and hands-on workshops. With regards to the "Pecha Kucha" presentations, students get to choose a presentation topic from a list of multiple themes that touch on the digital economy. You can find a short video introduction on this course under the following link:      


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