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Enterprise level IS research

Chair Prof. Dr. Robert Winter

The research group around Prof. Robert Winter focuses on enterprise-level IS topics such as ecosystem/digital platform governance, architectural coordination and transformation programme governance.


Most Innovative Paper Award@WI2021

“Is more always better? Simulating Feedback Exchange in Organizations” – that is the title the four researchers got the award for at the WI2021.

We are happy to announce that Sacha Fuchs, Roman Rietsche, Stephan Aier and Michael Rivera have won the most innovative paper award at WI2021. By using agent-based modelling, the authors studied the return of investment of organizational feedback exchange. The paper tackles the provocative question: Is more always better? While the current demand for more and more feedback could lead one to believe so, our research shows a more nuanced view. Organizations need to balance the length and frequency of feedback to ensure a positive ROI.

The authors want to thank the organizers of the WI2021 for the great conference and the reviewers for the excellent contributions in the review process. Their inputs inspired the team to further develop the simulation model and expand the current research with a generalized model of organizational feedback exchange.


Wir freuen uns bekanntzugeben, dass Sacha Fuchs, Roman Rietsche, Stephan Aier und Michael Rivera den “Most Innovative Paper Award” auf der WI2021 gewonnen haben. Mittels agentenbasierter Modellierung untersuchten die Autoren den Return of Investment von Feedback-Austausch innerhalb von Organisationen. Das Papier beschäftigt sich mit der provokanten Frage: Ist mehr immer besser? Während die aktuelle Forderung nach immer mehr Feedback dazu verleiten könnte, dies zu glauben, zeigt dieses Paper eine differenziertere Sichtweise. Organisationen müssen ein Gleichgewicht zwischen der Länge und der Häufigkeit von Feedback herstellen, um einen positiven ROI zu gewährleisten.

Die Autoren möchten sich bei den Organisatoren der WI2021 für die großartige Konferenz und bei den Gutachtern für die hervorragenden Beiträge im Review-Prozess bedanken. Ihre Inputs haben das Team dazu inspiriert, das Simulationsmodell weiterzuentwickeln und die aktuelle Forschung um ein verallgemeinertes Modell des organisatorischen Feedbackaustauschs zu erweitern.

Author: Susanne Gmuender

Date: 11. March 2021

Scientific Lead Partner in Competence Center

Business Innovation Excellence: regular roundtables and studies for/with companies conducting digital transformation programs

Author: Stephan Aier

Date: 10. February 2021

Innosuisse-funded research project

Business Innovation Excellence: Navigation tool towards Corporate Agility

Author: Stephan Aier

Date: 10. February 2021

SNF-funded foundational research project

Ambitextrous Digital Platforms: Balancing Control and Emergence

Author: Stephan Aier

Date: 10. February 2021

Data Management and Analytics Community

regular workshops and studies for/with very large banks from several European countries

Author: Stephan Aier

Date: 10. February 2021

Research Topics

In our multidisciplinary inquiries, we conduct both fundamental and applied research by employing quantitative, qualitative, experimental, and mixed-methods approaches. Our studies contribute to the leading discourses in the information systems discipline and help organizations address their grand, current challenges.



We regularly offer topics for bachelor and master theses that are close to our research topics. If you have a good idea for your thesis that is related to our areas of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our research projects are funded by the leading funding bodies such as the swiss national science foundation (SNSF) and the swiss innovation agency (Innosuisse), including both fundamental and applied research. While addressing various topics in our projects, they all share the common theme of architectural coordination/transformation and governance.


We believe in the value of knowledge exchange among practitioners as well as between research and practice. To facilitate that we host communities with regular workshops on our core topics such as the Data Management and Analytics Community or the Competence Center Business Innovation Excellence.

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