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Data Management and Analytics in large organizations


Complex business processes have caused the data management and analytics landscapes in large organizations to historically evolve into highly complex information systems that need to interconnect with a large number of source systems. We conduct research on how such complex data management and analytics systems can be effectively managed and improved, to enable organizations to respond to future challenges. Research topics include general data management, data quality governance, platforms, regulatory issues, technology stacks for advanced analytics, and applied data science.



The Data Management & Analytics Community (DMAC) establishes networking between data & analytics leaders from large organizations, in particular (financial) service institutions for discussing current issues and workable solutions. Two-day workshops are conducted three times per year to gain viable insights for tangible organizational improvements on eye-level. Find out more about our complexity-crunching, pragmatic motivation, the interest-based, broad range of topics covered and our 10+ years track record rooted in the practice-oriented, long-established research at the Institute of Information Management of the University of St.Gallen.


Prof. Dr. Stephan Aier


Prof. Dr. Robert Winter


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