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Vocational Training with Microlearning – How Low-Immersive 360-Degree Learning Environments Support Work-Process-Integrated Learning

Zeitschriftentitel: IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, 23.05.2022



In-company training is facing new challenges in preparing employees for the demands of digitalized and automated manufacturing. New training concepts like microlearning are necessary to support work-process-related learning. To handle the limitations of microlearning, we develop a 360-degree learning system to demonstrate a realistic work environment. Nonetheless, there is a lack of design knowledge supporting the motivation and performance of employees using the system. Based on a systematic literature review and semi-structured interviews, we have developed design requirements for interactive 360-degree learning environments. We used a workshop-based mixed-method approach with interviews, concept maps, and video analysis to evaluate the motivation and performance of precision mechanics within a prototypical work-process-oriented learning environment in an inter-company vocational training center. The results show a positive effect on learning outcomes and motivation. In addition, the ease of use and sense of presence while using the learning environment are rated as high. We contribute to theory by shedding new light on learners' motivation and performance within work-process-oriented interactive 360-degree learning environments. Furthermore, we offer guidelines for developing such interactive 360-degree learning environments.

Matthias Simon Billert, Tim Weinert, Marian Thiel de Gafenco, Andreas Janson, Jens Klusmeyer, Jan Marco Leimeister

23 May 2022

Wissenschaftlicher Artikel