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Value Creation in Business Ecosystems – A Design Theory for a Reference Model

Event: Twenty-Seventh Americas Conference on Information Systems, 08.2021



Business ecosystems are dynamic network structures of autonomous actors who contribute individual resources and capabilities towards a shared purpose. This study proposes a design theory to develop a model that describes the fundamental value creation activities in business ecosystems. This research endeavor is embedded in a consortium research project following design science and builds on both the current body of academic knowledge and the experience of. The paper makes three main contributions. Firstly, the study defines a specific problem space, identifies justificatory knowledge, and develops design requirements and principles as the theory’s core. Secondly, a reference model is developed that describes value creation, providing a conceptual grid for further theoretical analysis. Thirdly, the model provides an analytical framework for practitioners, who need to understand which activities should be performed and how these activates should be configured to generate advantages relative to others.

Christian Betz, Reinhard Jung

Aug 2021