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Towards design principles for aligning human-centered service systems and corresponding business models

Event: 37th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2016), 11.12.2016



To benefit from service innovation the service system and the corresponding business model (BM) have to be adapted or developed. Unfortunately, there are no guidelines that ensure that both development streams match, include, and align the same value for the customer. Therefore, we conduct a design science research (DSR) project, in which we develop design principles that guide the alignment between the two concepts of service systems and BMs via the value proposition. We build the design principles based on existing research in service design and BMs, and apply them in the field of human-centered service systems (HCSSs). The preliminary artifact shows that the design principles relate to concrete problems from both research streams. In conclusion, this research-in-progress will contribute to existing knowledge in combining the two research streams of service systems and BM research, and offer practitioners assistance for the systematic design of HCSSs and their corresponding BMs.

Stefan Kleinschmidt, Barbara Burkhard, Manuel Hess, Christoph Peters, Jan Marco Leimeister

11 Dec 2016