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InnoPulse: a Tool to Support Collaborative Reflection in Creativity-Driven Engineering Projects

Event: Proceedings of the 55th Hawaii International Conference on Information Systems (HICSS), 04.01.2022



To equip students with practical capability to innovate, academic institutions are promoting industry collaboration projects where students use creative approaches, for example, design thinking, to solve complex business challenges. In creative work, the ability to reflect on the current team state and to continuously improve based on these insights is vital for effective teams. However, research on the role of digital technology to support collaborative reflection is still in its infancy. This study aims to present a digital solution that uses micro surveys and concepts of Educational Data Mining (EDM) to support collaborative reflection of students working in creativity-driven engineering projects. Using design science research, we identify design requirements of the InnoPulse tool, implement the corresponding design features and evaluate our digital solution in a real-world educational setting. Our findings pave the way for the potential of using EDM concepts to improve collaborative reflection of students using DT methods.

Danielly de Paula, David Hahn, Matthies Christoph, Falk Uebernickel

4 Jan 2022