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ICT-Enabled Service Innovation in Human-Centered Service Systems: A Systematic Literature Review

Event: 37th International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS 2016), 11.12.2016



In numerous studies, information and communications technology (ICT) has been shown to be an enabler of service innovations in human-centered service systems (HCSSs). The resulting findings, however, have not been presented in a systematic way. Therefore, we present an integrated and representative overview of the literature on ICT-enabled service innovation in HCSSs. To show the existing findings, we reviewed papers from top journals in the fields of management science, information systems, service research, and innovation management. By using a systematic literature review, we identified 37 relevant papers. We systematically assessed the papers based on an analytical framework that consists of a four-phase management process and the components of service systems. We showed that the research background and the research methods used in the papers are very diverse, representing a large research field with a varying degree of knowledge. Based on our findings, we derived a specific agenda for future research.

Stefan Kleinschmidt, Christoph Peters, Jan Marco Leimeister

11 Dec 2016