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ICT-enabled job crafting: How Business Unit Developers use Low-code Development Platforms to craft jobs

Event: International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 14.12.2022



Recently, businesses are introducing low-code development platforms (LCDP) that enable employees with little to no development expertise to develop their own systems to improve their work. These so-called business unit developers (BUDs) possess necessary domain knowledge to understand how to use LCDPs to create useful (self-) services. Using job resource demand theory and the job crafting model, we conceptualize that BUDs use of LCDPs can be framed using the theoretical lens of job crafting. Job crafting stems from vocational psychology and provides well-researched positive consequences, such as wellbeing and meaningfulness. Thus, our research objective is to understand how BUDs can use LCDPs to job craft to gain access to positive job crafting consequences. We interviewed 17 experts across three organizations that employ an LDCP for chatbots. Our results suggest that job crafting is a suitable framework for understanding the effects of LCDP use.

Mahei Li, Christoph Peters, Mathis Poser, Karen Eilers, Edona Elshan

14 Dec 2022