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Developing Organizational Ambidexterity for Digital Transformation – Design of the “CDO-CIO Do-it Kit” Based on a Maturity Model Approach

Zeitschriftentitel: HMD Praxis der Wirtschaftsinformatik, 12.05.2022



Digital Transformation challenges companies in all industries. Ongoing improvement of their successful existing business is not enough, they must simultaneously build new digital business models to compensate for revenue sources that may already be disappearing. In new strategic ventures (exploration), the concept of organizational ambidexterity reflects the capabilities of companies to simultaneously rely on their core competencies from their existing business (exploitation) to achieve competitive advantage. This paper presents a catalog of criteria that describe the ability of organizations to implement organizational ambidexterity specifically in strategic initiatives of Digital Transformation. The catalog serves as a management tool for assessing the current state of these capabilities, and for setting respective objectives. This initial management instrument can be further developed into a maturity model. Both IT expertise, as well as the interaction of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and the more recent role of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) are of central importance here, and hence constitute a difference from the general organizational ambidexterity concept. The catalog has been developed in an iterative Design Science Research approach with two design and evaluation cycles. It contains ready-to-use questions for a survey instrument regarding 46 design factors in seven dimensions with a total of 99 criteria. Several sources served as conceptual foundations. In particular, literature-based knowledge on role requirements for CIO and CDO, relevant subsets of criteria from maturity models, and assessments on general Digital Transformation, intrapreneurship, and innovation culture for digital solutions. The naming as CDO- CIO Do-it Kit is derived from the first letters of the seven dimensions: CDO-CIO collaboration, Digital Transformation strategy, organization, innovation, transformation management, culture & competence, and IT & IT competence.

Andrea Back, Udo Bub, David Wagner

12 May 2022

Wissenschaftlicher Artikel
business studies