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“Designing” Design Science Research – A Taxonomy for Supporting Study Design Decisions

Buchtitel: The Transdisciplinary Reach of Design Science Research (Proc. DESRIST 2022), 06.2022


The Design Science Research (DSR) paradigm is highly relevant to the Information Systems (IS) discipline because DSR aims to improve the state of practice and contribute design knowledge through the systematic construction of useful artefacts. Since study designs can be understood as useful artefacts, DSR can also contribute to improving conceptualizing a research project. This study developed a taxonomy with relevant dimensions and characteristics for DSR research. Such a taxonomy is useful for analyzing existing DSR study designs and successful DSR study design patterns. In addition, the taxonomy is valuable for identifying DSR study design principles (dependencies among characteristics) and subsequently for systematically designing DSR studies. We constructed the DSR study taxonomy through a classification process following the taxonomy development approach of Nickerson et al.

Hanlie Smuts, Robert Winter, Alta van der Merwe, Aurona Gerber

Jun 2022