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Data Analytics for Effective Decision-Making in Crises – Identifying Relevant Data Analytics Competencies for Automotive Procurement Departments

Event: International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 09.12.2022



Crises become the norm for organizations, as recent years have shown. Especially the automotive industry is still facing disruptive changes such as e-mobility, connected cars or autonomous driving. Disrupted supply chains, related production downtimes and associated financial losses are consequences. Procurement departments are the interface between internal and external stakeholders in supply chains, and therefore, the central authority for managing crises. In such situations, effective decision-making is essential. Positive effects of data analytics on decision-making were part of numerous research endeavors, as well as related data analytics competencies. We conducted semi-structured interviews with experienced experts about relevant data analytics competencies in procurement departments. We present an overview specifically for procurement departments and derive implications of these competencies on decision-making. As a result, we apply our findings to existing research from a theoretical perspective and support procurement leaders and their departments in facing current and future challenges from a practical perspective.

Sven Klee, Andreas Janson

9 Dec 2022