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ActGo-Gate: Active Retiree and Golden Workers Gate


The ActGo-Gate software is a hosted web application that enables volunteers and people with needs finding and matchmaking of voluntary short-term and long-term occupations and help in the local social environment. Consequently, the ActGo-Gate application supports social organizations or public institutions to provide their customers or citizens with infrastructure for the local community to fulfill their (public) mission or to meet new customers.

Zeitraum: 01.12.14 - 30.11.17

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The application addresses the problems and needs of end users who are limited to their local environment, which affects their quality and integration in everyday life. With the online application, the local neighborhood the end-users can extend their neighborhood with different modules. For organizations, the software offers a ready-to-use and easily adaptable software for various local use cases. Therefore, the main target groups for the ActGo-Gate software are care providers, public institutions, and other social organization & assisted living provider.
The novelty of concept is that the ActGo-Gate application is based on integrated, flexible modules. As intended, the software includes modules for different scenarios including long-time engagements, matching and appointments for informal and professional care providers, and announcement of demands by people in the need for help or by their relatives / caregivers. The functional focus of the developed software within the ActGo-Gate project is the end-to-end support of all parties involved, including end users, intermediaries, service providers and employers. A special focus was placed on adapting the application to the needs of elderly people.
The services included in the ActGo-Gate application facilitate social innovation. The services enable individuals and organizations to become part of an offline community online. In principle, the application enables an increased transparency in the social marketplace. This enables the integration of fellow citizens and participation in social activities. Thereby, the software is designed in such a way that people with different needs (types of offers and demands) can use the platform. The platform is open for expansion of for new target groups (including different rural and urban areas).
As part of the ActGo-Gate project, different end-users have been involved to the application and business model development. The application was piloted in three different regions (Northern Germany (urban), Southern Germany (rural) and Switzerland (small town setting)).
These 3 pilots addressed different target groups, focused on different occupational modules, and different local systems. In these pilots, the application was adapted to the needs of the users. This ensured the efficient functioning of the software. At an advanced stage, potential future customers were involved in order to evaluate the market potential of ActGo-Gate software. The main target group of social organisations and public institutions were sharpened and the range of services was adapted.
The main developments of the application were part of the ActGo-Gate project and have been completed within the project time.