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DSR Methodology


Design Science Research is the dominant research approach at IWI-HSG. Besides community engagement (editorial service in journals and conferences), we contribute to further develop research methods and techniques, e.g. regarding validity, modularization, or communication excellence.


Architectural Thinking

Architectural thinking aims at supporting non-architects and people outside the IT function to adopt holistic, long-term considerations in their daily decisions. To establish architectural thinking we build small interventions such as labels for applications, domains or projects to increase the awareness of employees for architectural goals and provide opportunities to contribute to the goal achievement.


Prof. Dr. Robert Winter


Prof. Dr. Stephan Aier

Nudging for Data Quality

Many organizations struggle with creating and maintaining data quality in their everyday business. Beyond formal means of control, such as data governance frameworks comprising rules, regulations or regular data quality reviews, in this project we explore lightweight interventions that nudge people in the organization to spend a little more effort here and there, which overall measurable increases the understanding for data quality and data quality itself.


Prof. Dr. Stephan Aier


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