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Building on a long tradition in applied research in Information Logistics in Competence Centers like Enterprise Information Warehousing or Information Logistics Management, the Data Management and Analytics Community (DMAC) started out as an applied research project on Data Warehouse Management together with UBS and IBM in 2011. Within DMAC, the researchers of IWI1 together with large European banks discuss and work on a broad range of current data management challenges. Recent topics include IS complexity, agile development, banking APIs, data  virtualization, metadata management, cloud migration, data science labs, CDO organizations, analytics ecosystems and data usability aspects of data management in large banks.

CDO Roundtable

Many organizations recognize the role of data for their regular business operations as well as for service, product and business model innovations. To reflect the value of data as an asset, those organizations created chief data officer (CDO) roles. The CDO roundtable brings together CDOs from Swiss banks and insurances for exchanging opinions and experiences from their organizations in three partner-hosted events per year. As a university we are a partner of the CDO roundtable providing a neutral perspective and sharing the latest research developments. While the general topic is developing the portfolio of offensive and defensive data management capabilities, we discuss many of the current challenges for CDOs such as regulations (e.g., GDPR), opportunities of recent technologies (e.g., cloud transformation, data catalogues, data lakes and analytics ecosystems), or business and IT implications of data ethics considerations.