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Exploring the Real Impact of Conversational AI: A Deeper Look


Recent insights from the Journal of Applied Psychology (https://psycnet.apa.org/doi/10.1037/apl0001103) suggest a potential increase in loneliness and a need for affiliation due to AI interactions in the workplace. This thesis project offers a unique opportunity to examine these findings within the context of conversational AI. Is the impact of conversational AI as straightforward, or does a more nuanced understanding await discovery?

Objectives of the thesis

This project aims to replicate key aspects of the aforementioned study, with a twist: focusing on conversational AI. You'll recruit a diverse group of working participants, utilizing similar methodologies but adapting crucial questions to better fit the conversational AI context. Your research could redefine our understanding of AI's emotional implications in professional settings.

We're Looking For Students Who:

  • Are intrigued by the intersection of AI, psychology, and workplace wellbeing.
  • Can conduct independent research, including participant recruitment and data analysis.
  • Are committed to thorough research methods, adapting existing frameworks to new contexts.

We offer

  • Regular feedback sessions.
  • The flexibility to start the project at your convenience, aiming for a 6-month completion window.
  • The chance to contribute significant findings to the academic community, with potential publication opportunities.


To apply, please provide:

  • Your CV.
  • Academic transcripts.




Andreas Göldi

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