Generative AI, Software development, Business models

Exploring the Future of Generative AI-Driven Software Engineering


Are you fascinated by the transformative potential of generative AI (GenAI) in the software industry? Do you want to explore how GenAI can revolutionize software development processes, business models, and market strategies? Let's team up and delve into the employment of GenAI within software-intensive businesses and its impact on industry standards, competitiveness, and innovation.

Objective of the thesis

This thesis aims to develop a deep understanding of how GenAI technologies can be integrated into software development to foster innovative business models, enhance competitive advantages, and address ethical and sustainability challenges. You will investigate the strategic adoption of GenAI across various business sectors, evaluate its impact on software licensing and intellectual property rights, and explore the societal implications of its widespread use in software engineering. Through empirical research, interviews with industry experts, and analysis of case studies on GenAI implementations, this project seeks to provide strategic insights into leveraging AI for sustained business growth and innovation in software industries.

Possible Research Questions Could Cover:

  1. How can GenAI be employed to support novel and innovative software intensive business models?
  2. How can the adoption of GenAI in software development affect the competitiveness and market positioning of software-intensive companies, and what strategies can be employed to leverage AI for business growth?
  3. What are the potential barriers and challenges to the adoption of GenAI in software-intensive businesses?
  4. How does the integration of GenAI in software-intensive businesses affect software licensing models, and intellectual property rights?
  5. How can software businesses effectively navigate the ethical considerations and societal impacts of using GenAI?
  6. How does the adoption of GenAI impact the sustainability of software businesses?

Your Profile

You Should...

  • Be interested in AI, particularly generative AI, and its applications in transforming software business paradigms.
  • Be able to conduct independent research while effectively managing your time.
  • Possess excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with peers and experts.
  • Show a commitment to employing rigorous research methodologies.
  • Have strong academic writing skills in English.

We offer

  • Personalized guidance and mentoring by Olivia Bruhin, including regular progress reviews and feedback sessions.
  • The flexibility to start your thesis at your convenience, aiming for completion within 6 months.
  • Opportunities to publish your findings in reputable academic forums, contingent on the significance and quality of your research.


To apply, please submit the following:

  • Your current CV
  • Academic transcripts
  • A proposed timeline for your research
  • A motivation letter (not exceeding 150 words)




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