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AI for the fashion industry


The fashion industry has been working for years to collect the "right" customer data in order to better meet their customers` needs. Now, by using intelligent algorithms, they hope to gain new insights into market trends and to offer new services to a variety of customer groups. While the number of opportunities for new digital services in the fashion industry using AI seems limitless, focus is paramount, not least for financial reasons. But what exactly are the biggest customer needs, and how can a first MVP of an intelligent fashion recommender look like?

Objectives of the thesis

The overall objective of this exploratory thesis is to develop a structured customer journey for an intelligent fashion recommender app. Applying a lean product development approach, among others, this project will include identifying and prioritizing customer needs and classifying and prioritizing features for development. Your task will be to delve into the app design process and develop and test different high-fidelity mock-ups of the app design. The research will combine elements of explorative qualitative interview analysis, design-science research, lean product development.

Your Profile

  • A keen interest in exploratory research at the intersection of business and IT.
  • Strong interest in the area of AI and fashion.
  • Ability to work independently, with strong customer-focus and problem analysis skills.
  • Experience in, or a strong interest in learning about (lean) product management and app design.
  • Effective communication skills in both in German and English language are highly desirable.

We offer

  • Strong guidance in explorative, design-oriented research methods and product management.
  • An environment that encourages a strong customer focus and creative thinking.
  • The opportunity to learn about the early challenges of AI development and exchange or work together with a young start-up in the fashion sector.
  • The potential for your MVP roadmap to be implemented, and for your findings to be published.
  • Opportunity to start immediately; the thesis is expected to be completed within ±6 months.


If you are ready to take on this challenging and rewarding project, please apply with:

  • Your CV.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • A proposed timeline for the thesis.
  • A motivation letter (max. 200 words), expressing your interest in explorative research in AI in the fashion industry.




Prof. Dr. Ingrid Bauer-Hänsel, Assistant Professor


Prof. Ph.D.

Ingrid Bauer-Hänsel

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